Sunday, November 14, 2010


This was a casual fail. It was supposed to be a dress for wearing to the park or on a Saturday running errands. Not so casual, so I decided to redo (note to self: velvet ribbon never equals casual) . The plan is to take the red trim off this dress and redo with something a little less fancy.

In the mean time, I found a black cotton stretch sateen with blue and green flowers - nice casual fabric! I used a high waisted dress pattern with a flared waist. It's a good low-key dress pattern - tried, true and I know it fits the client.

Failed again

I think I have a casual block. At least the client also needed a dress which was wedding appropriate so it all works out in the end. I'll tackle the casual one again and hopefully update.

At last - we have the internet again! It went down mid October so I have been itching to post for a few weeks now and unable to.

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