Thursday, July 30, 2009

more Whisky marine

The light in the park was so magical - it was that point right before sunset where the light is impossibly bright and the colors look super saturated
This is Kalina the little bird person holding the sponge that Boticelli will later throw at the canvas to create "the birth of Venus" after he is done arguing with Davinci

Whisky Marine

This was another great project - It's a short film based on the surreal autobiography of Max Ernst
My challenge was to make bird-like costumes and also to make costumes based on paintings done by Max Ernst
Oh yeah, and in a bizarre twist I also acted in it - I was the eagle who gave birth to Max
Autumn from Photosphere was great to work with and the film turned out to be another project that I am really honored to have worked on
I know, I know Eagles shouldn't smoke - its bad for the feathers

Costume for a video production from 2006

This is work from a few years ago but it is one of the most amazing projects I have had the pleasure to work on. Uli Beuter has done some really powerful work and I miss her dearly. The project was called "White" and it was a conceptual piece about tyranny of the majority and identity and losing yourself in blending with the majority along with feminine vs masculine, and it was one of thos projects that could have hundreds of different messages depending on the framework around which it is viewed
I loved working on this costume and it still is one of the craziest pieces I've put together

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tina giving the thumbs up on her new dress.
She had purchased a dress while in Brooklyn for a wedding which was last weekend. She opened the box two weeks ago to discover that it was nothing like the dress she wanted - $270 for an unlined ill-fitting dress.
Its only saving grace is that the print is AWESOME!!!
I'm embarrassed for the person who attached their label to it
but it's all better now and she was able to get it back in time for the wedding
velvet ribbon detail on a dress I am working on.
I'm traditionally not a big fan of pale pink but with the black and white stripes it fits